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Buy Windows Xp Professional

The Start menu received its first major overhaul in XP, switching to a two-column layout with the ability to list, pin, and display frequently used applications, recently opened documents, and the traditional cascading "All Programs" menu. The taskbar can now group windows opened by a single application into one taskbar button, with a popup menu listing the individual windows. The notification area also hides "inactive" icons by default. A "common tasks" list was added, and Windows Explorer's sidebar was updated to use a new task-based design with lists of common actions; the tasks displayed are contextually relevant to the type of content in a folder (e.g. a folder with music displays offers to play all the files in the folder, or burn them to a CD).[24]

buy windows xp professional

Gavin is the Technology Explained Section Editor, co-host on the Really Useful Podcast, and a frequent product reviewer. He has a degree in Contemporary Writing pillaged from the hills of Devon, and more than a decade of professional writing experience. He enjoys copious amounts of tea, board games, and football.

hmm..would it be possible that i can ask dell to send me one windows xp disk service pack 2? i mean i purchased this dell laptop some years ago, but there was not even a recovery disk, just windows pre-installed and that product key..^^

This publication assists IT professionals in securing Windows XP workstations, mobile computers, and computers used by telecommuters within various environments. The recommendations are specifically intended for Windows XP Professional systems running Service Pack 2 or 3. SP 800-68 Revision 1 provides detailed information about the security features of Windows XP and security configuration guidelines. The publication recommends and explains tested, secure settings with the objective of simplifying the administrative burden of improving the security of Windows XP systems in five types of environments: small office/home office, enterprise, specialized security-limited functionality, legacy, and Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC).

After you have chosen to boot from the CD, you will have to wait a few minutes. The disk will check your hard drive to see if windows XP is currently installed on it. After the disk has made its check you should see a screen like the one in the first picture on this page. You will want to press Enter because you are planning on installing Windows XP on your system. If you realize that you have data on your hard drive and need to back it up, now would be the time to press F3 and exit the installation program to back it up.

I installed using bootable usb flash drive win xp professional 32 bit. Completed every setup as mentioned above but there is a display driver problem. When checked by device manager message indicates no driver present. Now cant find a suitable vga driver. Specs: intel pentium 4Cpu 2.40 ghz512 ram

Hacking the Start buttonThis works on XP Pro Build 2600 (The final verison), and it should work on all other versions as well.ALWAYS BACKUP EVERYTHING YOU EDIT OR DELETE. I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU MESS YOUR COMPUTER UP BY DOING THIS HACK. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. First off, you need to download a program called Resource Hacker. It's kinda like a hex editor, it allows you to change bitmaps, text, ect. in program files. Windows XP has a feature called Windows File Protection. This feature stops you from changing important system files, that could leave your operating system, non-fuctional. The file that we need to edit, Explorer.exe, is protected by Windows File Protection. What we need to do, is make Explorer.exe not part of Windows File Protection. Once we do that, we will be able to edit Explorer.exe when we want, and as much as we want.There are two way's of doing this. One way, is taking explorer out of the the file protection. The other way is to totally disable Windows File Protection so that you can edit any file you want without Windows replacing it. Click on your start button -> then Run and type in "%systemroot%\system32\Restore" without the quotes. Now you should see the file filelist.xml. What? You don't see it? We can fix that. In windows explorer click Tools->Folder Options->View and scroll down where it says Hide protected operating system files (recommend) and un-check it. Also click where it says Show hidden files and folders, and uncheck Hide extensions for unknown file types. Lastly, hit Ok. Now, you should see filelist.xml listed. Right click on filelist.xml and click properties. Uncheck where it says Read Only and then click OK. Good, now we can edit filelist.xml. Right click filelist.xml again, and click Open with then on Notepad. The file should now be opened in notepad. This is where Windows File Protection looks to see if it needs to protect a file or not. Where it says:%windir%\system.iniadd this a line above it:

Now, click file -> Save. (NOT Save as)Next click on your start menu-> run and type in "%systemroot%\system32\dllcache" without the quotes. In this DIR, find and delete Explorer.exe. This is a backup copy of Explorer.exe and windows might try and replace this copy with your hacked copy if it isn't deleted. After you delete it, windows will popup a message, just hit cancel then yes.We should now be able to edit Explorer.exe as we wish. Run Resource Hacker (The file you downloaded earlier). In ResHacker click File-> Open and open Explorer.exe. Mine is located in C:\winnt\explorer.exe yours maybe located in C:\windows\explorer.exe. Once you have it open you should see something like this:

I'm working on changing the Green color of the Start Button. I found the bitmap of it, and I'm currently hacking around the digital signature. I'll add a guide of it, once I get it completed. -Update- 11/05/01Okay, after a few weeks of playing around with this, and asking around, I have found a way to change the color of the windows xp start button.You must first download a program called Styles XP once you install it, reboot your machine. Browse to X:\winnt\resources\themes and replace x:\winnt with the path to your windows dir. Now, make a copy of the stylesXP_1 folder. Rename this to stylesXP_2 Open stylesXP_2.theme with notepad and browse to the bottom of the file, find this line : Path=%ResourceDir%\\Themes\\StylesXP_1\\StylesXP_1.msstyles change that to: Path=%ResourceDir%\\Themes\\StylesXP_2\\StylesXP_2.msstyles Open stylesXP_2.msstyles with Resource Hacker You should know by now, how to use resource hacker. Open the Bitmap folder. Click Action, replace bitmap, find the COLORHERE_STARTBUTTON_BMP (colorhere = blue, homestead or metallic) Find the bitmap of your new startbutton and click replace, then File > Save. Now, right click on your desktop, Properties. Themes : stylesXP_2 That's it! If the start button dosen't change its most likely that your not using the color of the startbutton you changed, ie : you changed the silver button but your using the blue color theme. If you run into problems, try copying your "Luna" folder and rename the copied version to stylesXP_2. Then copy Luna.theme and rename the copied version of it to, stylesXP2.theme. (Ofcourse edit that file like I said above). ALWAYS BACKUP EVERYTHING YOU EDIT OR DELETE. I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU MESS YOUR COMPUTER UP BY DOING THIS HACK. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Until next time, Happy hacking! :)

i have been using dropbox for over 3 years but today it is not even opening the /home page... i use windows xp professional operating system on my computers. I have noticed , for the past year or so, banner announcements on my dropbox files & folders page that say xp is not being supported... but dropbox has operated fine. Please help as dropbox is integral to my freelance work. Thank you. 9 July 2019.

@JC WATTS google wga activator and download and patch yur OS i did and my copy of XP pro is genuine now lol i have like 7 types of pro 4 vistas and windows 7 beta cracked all downloaded, i guess im good for a while

okay, so the disc drive on my computer is broken or disabled or something. i bought it seconed hand . i cant install software from a disc so how do i update my computer to window xp. i have windows ME abd cant do jack with it.

I have windows 98 on my computer. Can XP be installed and replace 98? (I cannot afford a new computer right now.) If so, how much would the software cost?I am also having trouble with my CD drive. It will open 2007 software for my digital camera. Would the drive: Allow me to install XP & reinstall my AOL software?

Hi Leo, I bought windows XP and lost power at home when power came up and rebooted windows XP was not on my desktop and my product key number is not takeing. Microsoft will not issue a new product key since ii was a 3rd party softwear, is there anyway to correct the issue!

HiGot a pc second hand with a running windows XP professional 1985-2001 version am trying to upgrade to windows IE8 XP I keep getting the following message;update\iesetup.exe is not a valid Win32 applicationNeed to upgrade for better protection please help 041b061a72


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