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One key step in caring for carnations and keeping them healthy and strong is to prune them carefully. When your plants are still in the early stages, you can prune by removing old flowers and leaves so that more water and nutrients can be dedicated to the healthy parts of the plant.

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Proper care of carnations begins before you even plant your seeds. Growing carnations will be much easier if you plant the seeds in an area that gets a minimum of four to five hours of sun each day. Use well-draining soil without using mulch, which could prevent good air circulation. This will help you grow thriving carnation garden plants.

Six to eight weeks before your area will be frost-free, you can start your carnation seeds indoors. Learning how to grow carnation flowers this way is easy and will promote flowering in the first year so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by taking care of carnations.

Choose a container with drainage holes in it, filling the container within an inch or two (2.5-5 cm.) from the top with potting soil. Sprinkle the seeds across the top of the soil and cover them lightly.

Water until the soil is moist and then wrap the container in a clear plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect. The beginnings of your carnation garden plants should poke through the soil in two to three days. Move the seedlings to their own pots once they have two to three leaves and transplant them outdoors once they reach a height of 4 to 5 inches (10-13 cm.) and when your area is free of frost risk.

Begin planting carnation seeds outdoors by sowing them in 1/8 inch (3 mm.) deep soil that will drain well. Keep the soil in your garden, or container, moist until the seedlings are growing. Once your seedlings are thriving, thin them so the small plants are 10 to 12 inches (25-31 cm.) apart.

Very easy to grow. Start seeds in punnets or pots of a quality seed raising mix. Moisten the soil and sprinkle seeds on top. Press the seeds gently on the surface and barely cover with a very light sprinkling of soil. Water with a misting spray and keep soil moist. Transplant outdoors when large enough to handle and after all danger of frost has passed. Pinching tops when plants are 20cm tall will encourage longer flower stems. Space plants 30cm apart in well draining soil.

The most popular cut flower, carnation, also known by its botanical name Dianthus, is now available for you to add to your containers or cottage garden. Its sweet, peppery scent is beloved by all and instantly recognizable. No cutting garden is complete without this stalwart, as believed by generations of American gardeners since its debut in 1852.

Historically symbolic of love, luck and affection, the new cultivars come in many colours. Give them 6-7 hours sunlight in a well-drained soil. Carnations make for excellent cut flowers. they are great for growing both in containers as well as outdoors, carnations are perennials that come back every year once trimmed after the blooming season.

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Hi, I am a florist and once I had someone going through my garbage flowers hoping for seed. Once the flowers have been cut for so long they no longer have the nutrients for the seeds. Plus they're pumped full of preservative. If you purchased a carnation plant that would be different

Hi Glasslady,You have to let the flowers die naturally on the plant. After flwoering, Tubular seed pods will develop. THey will be green at first and then turn tan as seeds inside them are almost ripe. When ripe, the tops will crack open. Inside you will find black chip type seeds.Remy

As carnation plants age, the middle of the plants sometimes begin to die or collapse, especially in poorly drained soils. Divide the plants every 3 to 4 years to keep them vigorous and reduce this problem. Cut the stems and bring carnations indoors to enjoy in cut arrangements or shear spent flowers to encourage more blooming.

Carnation seeds may be started indoors in the springtime 6 weeks to 2 months before the last frost. If you chose to sow them directly outdoors, be sure that the last frost has occurred. If your winters are mild, carnations seeds may be sown outside from spring until early fall. Carnations will grow as perennials in frost free zones and as annuals where winters are cold.

If starting indoors seeds should be covered thinly with soil and kept moist. Plant 2 to 3 seeds per pot or cell. Germination will occur within 2 weeks if temperatures are between 65-70F. After germination, move seedlings to a sunny, cool place. They may be transplanted to your garden a week or two prior to the final frost.

Firm the compost lightly and moisten before sowing. Very fine seeds, like Begonia (where there are more than 60,000 seeds to a gram) should be mixed with dry horticultural sand to avoid one big clump of seed, and to help see where the seed has been sown.

Carnation Seeds - Chabaud Mix -Pink, Purple,Red, White and Yellow.The fully double flowers of Clove Carnation Chabaud Mix come in a wide range of colors: pink, purple, red, white and yellow. Plants grow to two feet tall, and the clove-scented flowers are perfect for beds and borders in fragrant, cut flower or cottage gardens.DETAILSCarnation (Dianthus Caryophyllus Chabaud Mix) - Carnation seeds are perfect to grow in the cutting garden. There is no better known flower for cutting than a Carnation! This Dianthus Chabaud Mix has tall, double, fringed flowers that have a lovely spicy scent. The foliage is clump-forming and blue-green in color. The Carnation flowers are white, pink, red, yellow, or multi-hued. Dianthus Caryophyllus Chabaud Carnations grow as a perennial in frost free zones, or grow as an annual where winters are cold. Grow Carnation flower seeds in borders, planters and rock gardens.GROWINGFor Carnation flowers the first year, start Dianthus seeds indoors 10 - 12 weeks before the last frost, planting 2 - 3 flower seeds per pot or cell. Cover the Carnation seeds with no more than 1/16 inch of soil and keep the seeds moist until germination. Move seedlings to a cool, bright place to continue growing, then harden the Carnation plants off in the garden a week or two before the last frost. Where winters are mild, Carnation seeds may be planted outdoors spring through early fall. Removing spent flowers encourages continued blooming.Flower SpecificationsSeason: PerennialUSDA Zones: 6 - 9Height: 24 inchesBloom Season: Late spring through mid summerBloom Color: MixEnvironment: Full sun to partial shadeSoil Type: Well-drained, pH 6.6 - 7.8Planting DirectionsTemperature: 68 - 75FAverage Germ Time: 7 - 14 daysLight Required: NoDepth: Sow seeds 1/16th inch deepSowing Rate: 2 - 3 seeds per plantMoisture: Keep moist until germinationPlant Spacing: 12 - 18 inchesMaterials: balcony,shaden area,ground,cover,easy to grow,Containers,Hanging Baskets,window boxes,garden beds,dcontinuous color,Dianthus Seeds,Sweet William Mix,Winter hardy

Echoing the seashell pink color of 'Café au Lait' dahlias, this delicate, classic beauty has flowers in varying hues of creamy blush and baby pink. One of the most fragrant flowers we grow, this old fashioned carnation is best grown as an annual. These beauties bloom all summer long from an early sowing. The tall stems and extremely long vase life make them an ideal cut flower. Flowers are borne in sprays and smell like cloves.

You can buy seeds and mature flowers at her shop. These items will always be at a .5 Star Rank. She'll start to sell the next season's flower seeds about 5 days before the season ends, but the full flowers she won't sell until the first day of the new season.

Start carnation seeds indoors during the late winter, and you will be able to transplant your seedlings as soon as any frost danger has passed. Carnation seeds need only a few basics to survive, including pots, soil, water, and light. Once in the ground, your seedlings will continue to grow and will produce beautiful blossoms all summer long. Carnations require a minimal amount of care once planted and will bloom until the first frost.

Carnation seeds need to be planted in a shallow container. While commercial planting or seed trays will work for carnation plants, other options will work as well. Recycled plastic or paper containers like yogurt cups, small milk cartons, or egg cartons work well as small, indoor seed beds for carnations. Potting soil formulated for growing seeds or potting mixes designed for flowers both work well as the growing medium for carnation seeds. 041b061a72


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