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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Condoms

Condoms come in different sizes, textures, shapes, and even flavors (for oral sex). You can try different types of condoms to find the one that you like best. Condoms are very stretchy and versatile, so most people will fit into a basic condom comfortably. If you find that standard condoms feel too tight, buy a larger size. If condoms tend to slip around a lot or fall off during sex, try a smaller size.

where is the best place to buy condoms


You can buy condoms lots of places, like your local drugstore, supermarket, convenience store, or online. You can also sometimes get them for free at family planning centers, like your nearest Planned Parenthood health center.

If you had just been prepared in advance you wouldn't be freaking out right now. You should have bought your condoms online and you could have skipped that midnight run to the gas station. What a buzzkill!Well, let me tell you, those moments of terror are over. The Online World is a better place, where safety and pleasure live as one and new condoms have found a place in the hearts of millions. It seems there are hundreds of new condoms to buy online now and there really is no reason not to buy your condoms on the internet. The obvious reason to shop online is privacy. You don't have to run in grab the first box you see and run out. Buying condoms in stores can suck, especially if your girlfriends mom is in the condom isle buying feminine products. Buying online makes the process much easier and you can take your time and read up on the best condoms on the market as well as find the right size condom for you. But now that you're ready to buy, what is the best place to buy condoms online you ask?

Well to be honest, and in the interest of full disclosure, we here at are a bit biased when it comes to picking the best condom store. After all, we have been in the condom business for 20 years now and we can honestly say we KNOW condoms! Over the years we have seen hundreds of condom stores come and go. It seems every year there is a new store popping up wanting to be the next big guy on the block. But to be a truly great condom store you need more than a website and a few boxes of condoms in your garage.When shopping for condoms there are many things to consider so we have put together the top ten reasons RipnRoll is the best condom store on the internet.

Ok, so I said I would give you ten reasons RipNRoll is the best place to buy condoms online...I lied...I gave you 11 reasons. If you need more proof, just look at our A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Since 1996 we have had an outstanding record with the BBB and we plan on keeping it this way.

So there you have it, buying condoms online can be fun and hassle free if you just know which store to buy from. At RipNRoll, we want to make your buying experience one to look forward to. So buy them condoms, use them and tell your friends about the best place to buy condoms online.

Authenticity is the single-most important factor when shopping for condoms. Certified Master Distributors buy directly from the manufacturer and carry fresh inventory that has been properly stored and handled. We get it, sometimes you can't plan ahead and that late night corner market is your only option. But, who do they purchase those dusty, faded boxes of condoms from? Can you trust that it's not a cheap knock-off bought on eBay? It's important to ask where the condoms come from, if you feel comfortable doing so.

If the choices seem too overwhelming, our online store has an additional resource to help you make your selection-- our learning center! Not only can you learn about how to use a condom, how to prevent STDs, and the latest and greatest in condom news, but we also publish reviews for nearly all the condoms we carry, and make lists of the condoms that are best suited to your needs-- like our Best Condoms For Anal. And if we somehow don't have an answer to your question? Ask away! You can also contact us through Facebook, or Twitter.

What else to consider: If you only have one partner and/or already know which size generally works best, but are still interested in testing out different types and brands of condoms, you may want to go straight for a more specialized sampler specifically for deciding between snug/smaller and medium/standard or medium/standard and large.

We stock a large range of condoms, lubes and accessories from the biggest, best and most trusted brands in the sexual health industry. Buy condoms by Durex, EXS, Mates, MY.SIZE, Pasante, Skyn, Trojan and more right here at

If you're the type to feel a little embarrassed when buying condoms in your local shop, then you'll be glad to know that every order placed here on our website comes with discreet delivery. We also offer discreet billing on all orders too, no matter how you pay. What's more, every order comes with completely FREE Royal Mail Tracked 48 delivery when you spend 25 or more with us. If you spend less than 25, then our delivery charges start at just 2.99. We really can't say fairer than that!

It's our mission to offer the very best range of condoms and sexual health products, backed up with incredible service every single time you order with us. Shopping for condoms in the supermarket or chemist can be a challenge - especially for those below or above average size. Wearing a condom that doesn't fit as it should can be dangerous both for you, and your partner. We're committed to stocking condoms of all sizes, to ensure that there's a fit for everyone in our range here at

With all of that said, it begs the question, why shop anywhere else for your condoms, lubes and accessories? We've got you covered with a premium selection from the most trusted condom brands around. Place your order with us now!

LifeStyles Skyn condoms are made of polyisoprene, a synthetic rubber that people with latex allergies can use. In addition to having the best feel and scent, Skyn condoms transmit heat and sensation wonderfully, come in an elegant and easy-to-open package, and are available at almost any drugstore.

Packs with 1-3 condoms in them run around 300500, while boxes of 5-10 cost about 5001300 a piece. Larger size condoms or bigger packs of standard condoms cost anywhere from 11001800 in stores.

Made from lamb intestines, lambskin condoms are thin, durable, great at heat transfer, and come in very large sizes. However, although lambskin condoms are made from natural materials, they are also expensive, and do not protect against STIs, making them a niche pick best for monogamous couples.

Body heat is another thing that causes condom material to break down over time. It's OK to carry condoms in a front pocket for a few hours, but try not to put condoms in a back pocket where they'll get bent or sat on. And don't carry condoms in the same pocket as keys or other things that could tear the wrapper.

To help you remember to take condoms with you, keep them in the same place as your phone, wallet, or other items that you can't leave home without. You'll be less likely to forget your condoms if you see them as you pick up something you always carry with you!

Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH): To ensure that free condoms are available for anyone who requests them, PDPH provides condoms for distribution to more than 100 unique sites across the city. Agencies can become a condom distribution site by filling out a registration form. Like DC Health, PDPH also operates a social media website, Take Control Philly, where persons can find information about STDs, the importance of condom use, how to have condoms sent through the mail, and how to find more information on Facebook and Twitter. The site also features maps of free condom distribution sites. Check out these resources in action!

Condoms do expire. Think of them sort of like granola bars. They last a long time, but not forever. It's essential that you know how to store condoms properly; always read your condom's packaging and keep it in a cool, dry place. Even though they fit in a wallet, this isn't a great place to store them because the heat and friction can damage them.

However, most of the big condom brands now provide condom length and condom width information for their products. If you know your own measurements, you should be able to shop confidently for the best condoms for you despite all the different sizes now available (Cecil, 2017).

You could also try an online condom size calculator. These calculators provide a general condom size guide and can determine exactly which types of condoms will fit best. Many of these calculators can even recommend specific condoms according to your ideal condom size. 041b061a72


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