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Rare Whiskeys To Buy

Shop our extensive selection of Pappy Van Winkle, limited edition scotch, allocated bourbon, discontinued Canadian whisky, and rare tequila. Whether it's to celebrate a special occasion, give the perfect gift, or to indulge in the finest whiskey, we are here to deliver the best selection and service possible. Order bourbon online today and get it delivered right to your door!

rare whiskeys to buy

A very rare example of Islay whisky at this age. Distilled in 1968, this is a combination of five sherry butts, which were married together for the final year. An exceptionally complex whisky that any Islay fan will savour.

The first entry in the Bodega Series, this 1978-vintage Talisker is a marriage of five sherry butts, filled for about three months with 40-year-old Talisker. It's incredibly rare to see solera casks used to mature Scotch whisky, and even rarer for the ancient casks to have been used to create one of Spain's finest sherries. The result is a whisky that combines the elegance of well-aged Talisker with the fruity complexity of Quo Vadis. An impressive whisky.

This is the first and only official bottling from the North of Scotland Distillery Co, Alloa: a single-grain Scotch whisky aged in bourbon casks for more than 50 years. This is a rare chance to taste long-aged whisky from this lost distillery and experience a drop of history. North of Scotland Distillery started producing whisky in 1957 and closed in 1980.

Over the years, we've amassed a wonderful collection of old and rare spirits. We've got some legendary bottles of single malt whisky, limited runs of small batch bourbon, vintage Irish whiskey and exclusive ranges that will have collectors everywhere chomping at the bit. A lot of what you will find here is whisky from closed distilleries, spirit that will never be made again and some of the most expensive whisky in the world. We've also got very limited run independent bottlings from now defunct whisky bottlers and special blends and blended malts.

If you think life's greatest pleasures are free, then you haven't tried whiskey. Whiskey is growing in popularity worldwide, and many who've found success in wine investing are looking at a whiskey investment as their next lucrative opportunity. Old and rare bottles of whiskey or fine spirits are some of the best alternative assets to hold because they outperform the S&P 500 while experiencing less volatility along the way.

Before you buy whisky casks or even a rare bottle, you should be as familiar with whiskey types as you are with whiskey brands. A single corporation will often own several whiskey brands that each produce a variety of single-grain and blended varieties.

It's not enough for whiskey to just have desirable traits; it must also be exclusive and highly sought after. Name brands produce great quality whiskey, but you must consider quantity (the supply) before investing. That's what makes the prices of rare Macallan Scotch whisky or Van Winkle Bourbon so damn high.

Investors prefer limited edition and vintage whiskeys for the highest return on investment because their rarity and scarcity drive up their value. If you have a high tolerance for risk, you may want to consider investing in a whisky cask to maximize ROI. A cask investment takes longer to mature but is more valuable than most whiskey bottles.

First is a limited-release Blue Label from Johnnie Walker called Ghost and Rare Port Ellen. This 2020 release is the second in a series of "ghost" whiskeys, meaning a rare whisky from a distillery that no longer exists. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen is a blend of three ghost whiskies and five rare malts that compose a unique and complex flavor profile.

This blend gets its namesake from the Port Ellen distillery that shut down in 1983. At the heart of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen is the iconic Islay single malt Scotch whisky, a ghost whisky coveted by aficionados. This blend, composed of several rare and highly sought-after Scotch whiskies, also happens to be from a household brand, thus making it an excellent blended Scotch whisky to invest in.

Considering that it's a small-batch whiskey, the Uncle Nearest 1820 is one of the most affordable premium whiskeys money can buy right now. Uncle Nearest claims that less than 1% of their Premium whiskey is bottled for the Single Barrel, demonstrating their emphasis on quality over quantity. The precision and care dedicated to producing Uncle Nearest makes their single barrel rye whiskey a promising investment.

If you're looking for the best Bourbon investment, look no further than Lux Row Distillers' Blood Oath Pact No. 8. Blood Oath is a series of seven limited-run blended bourbons. This highly-anticipated Bourbon blend consists of three whiskeys aged 8, 11, and 14 years and finished in an ex-Calvados cask for hints of apple and pear brandy.

Blood Oath Bourbons are some of the most affordable premium whiskeys upon release, but the resale value of previous releases has doubled or more from their retail price. Lux Row's limited marketing has kept their brand low-key, so don't expect to hear much from them leading up to a release. Nevertheless, investors should keep an eye out for this exclusive bourbon that hit shelves last year.

This extremely rare and exquisite whisky from Japan has a unique and complex flavor profile that can only be achieved with decades of maturation. Produced at the Yamazaki Distillery, the whisky is created from carefully selected malt and is finished in charred oak barrels. This whisky has numerous accolades such as winning the International Spirits Challenge and being featured in the Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.

Midleton released their annual Very Rare Irish Whiskey in March just in time for St. Patrick's day. This vintage blend is made from Midletons exclusive stock of rare single malt and single pot whiskeys handcrafted by one of their master distillers. After aging the whiskeys from 12 to 33 years, the blend is matured in a lightly-charred ex-Bourbon cask made of American oak.

This vintage blend is particularly exciting because Midleton's elaborate distillation process produces a journey of complex flavors and aromas. Midleton is a lesser-known brand, but prices for their 2017 Very Rare Vintage Blended Irish Whiskey went through the roof last year and have more than doubled since February 2021. While investors aren't guaranteed to see the same level of growth with Irish whiskey, the trend could continue for this and subsequent rare whiskey releases by Midleton.

Collectors with a more exotic taste should look toward Japan for excellent-quality whisky at the most reasonable prices. Let's revisit another Suntory product: this time, a blend by the oldest distillery in Japan. The Hibiki blend is an increasingly rare malt whiskey known for its smooth tropical flavor.

Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr.'s Barrel Proof Rye whiskey is different from the rest on the list. Not only is it the only rye whiskey, but it is also the only barrel-proof whiskey. While most whiskeys are diluted after they're aged, barrel-proof whiskey is not, so bottles have higher alcohol by volume. It's tough to find this 2022 release selling for less than $700 per bottle, which is just a hint at how rare and coveted it is.

The Anniversary Malt is a special edition single-malt Scotch whisky that can easily auction at well above $6,000 depending on the bottling year. The oldest 1957 release costs around $13,000 or more, but later releases of this limited edition single malt Scotch have plateaued or even dipped in price. Vintage Macallan whisky bottles are some of the most sought-after whiskeys in the world, so perhaps now is an opportunity for new investors to enter the Macallan market.

Too good for Macallan, are we? Scotch drinkers looking for a Speyside distillery that'll give them a bigger bang for their buck might find GlenDronach to be the ideal rare whisky investment. GlenDronach is Scotland's second-oldest distillery, but it was quite obscure before they began specializing in ex-Sherry maturation in the mid-20th century. The distillery has produced some of the highest-value Scotch whiskies since Brown-Foreman acquired it in 2016.

I also know we have some readers here at WhiskeyBon who are absolute ballers and have the means to splash out on some of the more expensive whiskies so I have put tighter a list of the best online shops to buy rare and limited edition whisky / whiskey.

Hard to Find Whisky has a name that sums up what they sell perfectly. They actually sell very little of the bog-standard offerings you find in most online whisky shops, preferring to focus specifically on rare bottles.

As you will probably know if you are a regular reader of WhiskeyBon we are big fans of Master of Malt. We order a lot of our Scotch and American whiskey from them. This is your more standard offerings but they also have an amazing collection of rare and limited edition Scotch whisky, American whiskey and bourbon.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has scheduled three limited-release lotteries that will allow those who register the chance to purchase from a total of 814 bottles of rare whiskeys and bourbons.

The Van Winkle LotteryThese Kentucky whiskeys, produced by Pappy Van Winkle's grandson using recipes dating back four generations, are among the most sought after in the world. Since 2002, the Van Winkle bourbons have been produced at the Buffalo Trace distillery, enabling the Old Rip Van Winkle distillery the ability to increase production while still ensuring strict standards for quality. Wine Enthusiast magazine and the World Spirits Championship have rated the 20-year-old bourbon 99 out of 100.

Separate drawings will be conducted for each of these limited-release whiskeys, and lottery participants may opt in to one, several, or all drawings. The right to purchase is limited to one bottle per participant for this lottery. If a participant wins the right to purchase a bottle in a drawing within this lottery, they will be removed from subsequent drawings in this lottery. 041b061a72


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